Sizing & Care


Due to the nature of our jewelry slight variations may occur in time if not cared properly.

To avoid deterioration of your jewelry, apply make-up, perfume or beauty products before putting it on. Do not use them to go to the beach, swim or exercise. Keep it in a fabric bag to protect it when you are not using it.

Silver jewelry can scratch, and lose its shine over time with wear and can be polished with a jewelry cloth. You can also check our Instagram for DIY home methods. Please do not try to polish gold plated jewelry as it will remove the plating. If our 18k gold pieces need to be cleaned use mild soap, warm water and soft toothbrush.

Please note that certain stones are more delicate than others. Opals, Emeralds, Turquoise and Pearls need some extra attention to keep them in their best condition. A good wipe down of your stones with a soft cloth after wear can also help to avoid any buildup of oils or other substances. Avoid dropping or miss storing jewelry with stones, they may scratch or break.

You can send us at any time your jewelry for cleaning or refurbishing, Shipping costs are not included.



  1. Pick a ring that fits the finger where you wish to wear it.
  2. Place a measuring tape through the center of the ring. You must be able to correctly see the measuring guides.
  3. According to your result select the size that matches our ring size chart
aysha bilgrami jewelry ring size chart

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