We celebrate the diversity of the world through cultural fusions that rescue roots, share knowledge and mix the ethnic with the modern and the contemporary to give new value and meaning to the crafts of the world. From each collection an investigation is born that tells a story of  cultural mixtures that later transform into timeless and versatile jewels.

Our pieces are made in sterling silver and sterling silver with 24 carat gold plating by Colombian artisans. We use 100% recycled silver from x-rays and other waste from the medical and electronic industry.

Aysha Bilgrami studied Fashion design at the Istituto Marangoni of Milan, who after 6 years of working in different fields of the industry, found in jewelry the possibility of reflecting her ideas and identity, expressing her essence in each of her designs. From a Colombian mother and a Pakistani father, she calls herself Pakilombian. Her origins have made of her a mixture and union of two cultures with endless treasures and diversity.

Photo : Daniella Benedetti